1. How can I order a cake ?

2. How far in advance should I order a cake ?

You can order your cake up to 24 hours before collection time.


3. How do I know which size to choose ?


4. How do I pay for my cake ?

On collection at the restaurant.


5. Are your cakes Halal ?


Yes, all our food and cakes are Halal.


6. Are your cakes suitable for Vegetarian ?


Yes, our cakes are totally suitable for Vegetarian people.


7. Are your cakes Eggfree ?


No, our cakes are not eggfree but we can make one for you upon request.


8. Is it possible to buy some balloons and/or candles as well ?


Yes, you can add some balloons/candles when filling the online. just tell in advance.


1. How can I order catering from the restaurant?

By sending us an email at: info@ledelicee17.co.uk

2. What can I order?

You can find all our freshly prepared food available here.

3. How do I pay?

You can pay in our restaurant in Hoe street on collection in cash or by card. For the companies, we can send you an invoice. 

4. Can the food be delivered to me?

Yes, we deliver in a 15 minutes radius.

5. What is the minimum I can order?

You can order catering for 10 people or more.


1. How can I book the room?

Online here or by sending us an email at info@ledelicee17.co.uk

2. What can I find in the room?

The room has a projector, a whiteboard, plugs, speakers, water point, a kettle and a coffee machine, chairs and tables.

3. How do I pay?

In our restaurant in the Park or on the Hoe street one.

4. Where is it?

In Lloyd Park, in the same building as our restaurant in the Park.